KB Covers Clear Serato Keyboard Cover for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air & MacBook (Unibody) (SSL-M-CC-2)

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Serato Version $29.95
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  • learn Serato shortcuts quickly and easily
  • improves workflow when DJing
  • protects keyboard from accidental spills
  • fits BOTH US & European/ISO Keyboards


Updated version now utilizes our Colored Checkerboard design (clear with colored buttons), which allows Serato users to better match their unibody notebooks, allows the caps light to be visible, and increases the visibility. In addition, the cover has been updated to include the shortcuts for the SP-6 Sample Player and Scratch LIVE 2. This custom keyboard cover is specifically designed for use with Serato and features the standard QWERTY layout with each key marked with Serato's corresponding controls (including the control and option controls). The major controls are clearly marked and the contrast colors are bright for easy recognition. This definitely makes using and learning functions such as cue points, bending, and looping much easier. A secondary function of this cover is laptop protection, which is highly useful when you are djing in clubs, parties, or other places where you might have accidental spills. Constructed of durable, ultra-thin, non slip silicone. Recommended.


  • fits Macbook 13", Macbook Air 13", aluminum unibody Macbook 13", aluminum unibody Macbook Pro (13", 15", 17")
  • made of durable, ultra-thin silicone
  • non-slip and comfortable to the touch
  • hand washable and easy to clean