Qbert Skratchy Seal - Sealed Breaks For Drum Skratching LP

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Sealed Breaks is the first record especially made for skratch drumming. Know when you're drumming and you're about to get physical on the beat with some extra hard drums, then the needle skips? We'll on this record, a skip ain't gonna wreck your shop. The Piklz do their own version of Swamp's classic unskippable rec. When this record skips on the drum break, it will stay on beat but with a different drum sound. So you can front like you meant to change it up beat, or you can control the skip and be funky drummer. One side has eight variations of this drum system. One section contains drums with a several different tones underneath them for some compositional drumming. The last part on this side is a locked-groove unskippable fresh-beep-ahh combo. The flip side consists of 4 fresh skratch beats with Q-Bert taking a step beyond the whole electro thing with dirty electronic beats. This side ends with a locked Star Trek tone. Recommended.

reviewed by the mgmnt 05/2005