De La Soul Clear Lake Audiotorium EP

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12" Vinyl $9.00
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The original 1994 clear vinyl pressing of this record is one of the holy grails of hip-hop digging. While the original was a scarce A-list DJ promo, several rounds of well-executed bootlegs made their way onto the market. The originals were then elevated to mythical status verified by only the highest of hip-hop nerdus (hmm.. lemmie check the etching). Ha-ha... over a decade later, I am just happy to have this black vinyl repress. Aside from the hype, this is De La at their fun-loving, collaborating prime, best exemplified by cult-classics "Sh.Fe.Mc's" with A Tribe Called Quest (... I hope your cells get sickles!) and "Pattie Dooke" featuring Guru. You also get Buhloone standouts "I Am I Be," its cousin "I Be Blowin," and "In The Woods." "Stix & Stonz" featuring The Fearless Four, GM Caz, and Prince Whipper Whipper was a collabo that was probably saved from the cutting room floor (but could have easily been left there too).

  • music label: Tommy Boy 1994
reviewed by the mgmnt