No Longer Available New Jersey Deep (Ashley Beedle) 12"

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This handy white label collects two heavyweight house cuts that were never easy to find on original, and have only gotten scarcer. Ashley Beedle's pre-X-Press2 combo Black Science Orchestra dove headfirst into filtered disco loops when they made "New Jersey Deep" in 1994, reworking huge chunks of the NJ band Wood, Brass & Steel's loft classic "Funkanova." It's a sexy, swinging piece of instrumental house with a great guitar and keyboard riff that plays like the soundtrack to a pretty sunrise after a long sweaty night. Flipping the record, you'd have to be a pretty serious head to have Ali's "Feeling You" on the original promo. That's the only other place you're going to find this gorgeous Mood II Swing remix from 1998, a chunky house groover with a male vocal full of passion and longing. The "feeling you/is all I want to do" refrain is trance inducing and man, can you feel homeboy's pain. An instrumental version of "Feeling You" is a dreamy cut in its own right. Like any good dub, the melody is memorable enough to trick your head into hearing the lyrics and feeling the groove of the original track while keeping things simple on the floor.

  • music label: white label / 1994
reviewed by Odyssey Jones 11/2005