No Longer Available Ghost Walk 7"

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Staten Island, please stand up. Daptone does it again as they press up another afro-psyche-funk 7" from S.I.'s outstanding Budos Band. This music is a rare combination of elevated and accessible all at once. I also witnessed first hand last night the floor moving power of both sides of this 45. It's sometimes difficult to get people to dance to funky shit without vocals, but for some reason Budos always kills the late night crowd. "Ghost Walk" is the soundtrack to Shaggy and Scooby (aka T-Kat and Akboogie) cruising to San Loco in the Lower East Side after hours. nCatfish Taco Locos all around! "The Proposition" has me sipping a mental Mimosa and dreaming of rebellion while swinging my hips like Shakira. I love that these Daptone records can provoke thought while moving butts. Or am I the only one thinking? This is complex yet simple music for a complex yet simple world. Get it? Now shake that ass.

  • music label: Daptone / 2006
reviewed by Telekinetic Kat 07/2006