Kenny Dope Soul Trippin' CD

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Another masterful mix from one of the best DJs in the game. Soul Trippin' finds Kenny diggin'- and I do mean diggin'- through his maddeningly deep collection of rare funk and soul joints for the 25 gems that populate this CD. This mix is in the vein of soulful mixes like Kane & Mao's Selects CD, i.e. the emphasis here is more on rare uptempo soul tracks than straight-up breaks, although there's certainly no scarcity of "run for the MPC" moments. Things kick off in fine Kenny Dope style with some nice doubles action on Milton Wright's rare-groove stormer "Keep It Up." I love Kenny's mix cds because they always affirm certain eternal truths, such as: 1) Kenny Dope has skills, especially with the doubles, which means that 2) Kenny has two copies of many rare records that you can only dream about laying hands on, and 3) Kenny Dope probably has two more copies of said records on ice. Among those present here are rare tracks from Frankie Beverly, LA Carnival (this is pre-Stones Throw reissue, mind you), Deloris Ealy, Pure Funk, Total Experience, etc. Lots of great stuff that, most likely you ain't got, all mixed with Kenny's skillful use of doubles and punchy effects. 25 tracks in all, recommended

  • music label: Dopewax 2004
reviewed by Language