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The Mini-KP takes the best features of the popular Kaoss Pad and places them in an extremely portable pocket-sized body. 100 effects are available at your fingertips (realtime) including filter, delay, and looper as well as numerous BPM effects that utilize the "TAP/BPM" button to synchronize to your song's tempo. There is also an "FX release" function that offers a natural decay of the effect when changing effects and memory, and memory capabilities. All this in a battery powered unit that is an ideal choice for practice at home, in the studio, or performance in the club.


Just like it's big brother the KP3, the main feature of the Mini-KP is its touch-sensitive control surface. Simply touch the surface and you activate the effect; drag your finger and it changes the parameters of your effect. Move it up and down to control one parameter, left and right for another, or even diagonal to control 2 parameters simultaneously. It's so easy to use that you really don't need to know what you're doing at all, and you will be able to master some cool sounds in about 10 seconds. Everything is done in realtime too, so you will here the effect instantaneously.

The Mini-KP features a total of 100 effects, many derived from the larger KP3, including filter, delay, and a looper. But especially effective for creative mixing is the "low/high-band pass filter" that lets you cut specific frequency ranges of sound (cut the bass out or the highs), the "decimator" that intentionally degrades the audio quality of the input to give unique impact to the sound, a much-requested "delay & reverb" combination effect (for that smooth echoed out mix effect), and the "looper & pitch shifter" that captures and repeats incoming audio, retuning it in real-time as the pad is manipulated. In addition, there are some synth sounds derived from the KP3 and many more effects that can dramatically add to your sound.

Another important feature is the built-in BPM engine. You can use the "TAP/BPM button" to detect the BPM and synchronize the Mini-KP to an audio input source, and then take advantage of the many BPM effects that are synchronized to your song or performance. There's also an "FX RELEASE" function that lets the effect sound decay gradually when you remove your finger from the pad or change effects. This makes it easy for smooth and natural sounding blending of the mini-KP's effects into your performance or mix.

Lastly is the "Hold" function that lets you fix the effect settings at a given moment, and indispensable memory keys that allow you to save your favorite settings. If you're touching the pad to apply an effect, you can use the "Hold" function to "freeze" the effect settings at any desired point. The Memory Key function lets you memorize the selected effect program, the Hold function's on/off status, and the effect depth. This lets you store your favorite effect settings for instant recall anytime.


Just like it's bigger brothers, the Mini-KP is an excellent effects unit for live DJ sets with its ease of use, hands-on control and countless effects options. With it's small size and battery operation, you can feel confident bringing it anywhere - from the home studio to the club. In addition, the Mini-KP is excellent for BPMing your records, and adding effects to your mixes. For music production, the Mini-KP offers a inexpensive way to further alter your sounds with quality Korg effects. The Mini-KP is a quality effects unit that is extremely flexibile and extremely portable.


  • intuitive touch
  • pad interface gives you fingertip effect control in real
  • time
  • smallest body in the KAOSS PAD series
  • one hundred effects including filter, delay, and looper with BPM matching
  • FX RELEASE function provides a natural decay when changing effects or removing your finger from the pad
  • two memory keys A and B to store your favorite effect program settings
  • battery operation and a carrying strap