Teenage Engineering OP-1 Portable Synthesizer

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OP-1 Synthesizer $849.00
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  • All-In-One: synthesizer, 4 track recorder + sampler, MIDI controller, effects unit
  • highly portable, roughly the size of the a laptop keyboard, long life battery (16 hours)
  • inspired by old school production methods
  • standalone or connects to your computer via USB
  • sound files that you create can be dragged and dropped via USB
  • control music programs with 20 assignable controllers plus fixed buttons for play, stop, rec, fwd, and rewind.
  • 4 track tape recorder emulator
  • download the OP-1 manual
  • check out the OP-1 Carrying Case
  • check out the OP-1 Crank Kit
  • check out the OP-1 Bender Kit

Teenage Engineering OP-1


  • Multiple Synthesizer Engines with Exchangable Architecture
  • Built-in 24 Voice Instant Live Sampler
  • 4 track Tape Recorder with Variable Tape Speed
  • 6 Minutes Recording Time. (Up to 24 Minutes)
  • 4 track Mixer with EQ, Effect, Drive and Master Out
  • Multiple Exchangable Effects
  • Multiple Exchangable Sequencers
  • USB MIDI Controller MAC & PC Compatible
  • 2-Way USB File Transfer MAC & PC Compatible
  • Color Coded Vector Based User Interface
  • Instant Reverse and variable Tape Speed Recording
  • Full Classic Tape Editing Capabilities
  • Master Tempo with Beat Matching to Tape Feature
  • USB 2.0
  • 3.5mm line in/out
  • built-in mic
  • 3 axis motion sensor
  • built-in FM radio - sample direct, record to tape
  • 24-bit 96kHz ADC/DAC


  • 1 Year Warranty
  • reusable environmentally friendly case