Tortoise: Standards LP (w/Free MP3)


No Longer Available Standards LP (w/Free MP3)

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Celebrating its 20 year anniversary, Thrill Jockey is reissuing several of its most in-demand titles. The first offering is Tortoise's fourth album, released in 2001 (the other record in this offering is a record from Trans Am). This version is pressed on high quality virgin vinyl, and similar to the original pressing, it is packaged in a heavy duty inner sleeve and an outer silk-screened PVC cover. In addition for the first time, it also comes with an MP3 download coupon. As for the music itself, Standards has aged well. Stylistically, it's a bit scattered, but when you mix indie, Kraut, downtempo beats, jazz... what's not to like? I imagine if the Beasties were more skilled instrumentalists, some Check Your Head instrumentals would sound like this (what, is this guy crazy mentioning Beasties and Tortoise together? Jyes.). Check the gorgeous "Monica" to smell my drift. 10 tracks in all.

  • music label: Thrill Jockey 2001
reviewed by the mgmnt 03/2012