• ESG: Moody Remix 12"

Moody Remix 12"

Rated X

↳ post-punk and disco/r&b classics edited for the dancefloor

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I love ESG but I'll never play that track "UFO" out. Mixtape material maybe, but unless I'm on some Louie Vega in Japan shit that's staying home on the shelves. "Moody" on the other hand, bumps in all the right places, with the bumbumbum bass and traintrack drums perfectly complementing Renee Scroggins' singing style. House party and club DJs will want the excellent re-edit here cause it's extended in 2 key areas: an extra 4 bars in the intro, and the break after "like this!" is drawn out too. As for the B-side by Level 42 "Starchild" I've never heard of it before (somewhere in the distance, ROC yells "it's a classic!"), but they were a jazz-funk group from the early 80s who did the disco/R&B thing, so you know Lloydski and Antonia are already humming it to and from the bathroom. Plays at 45.

  • music label: Rate X / 1982
reviewed by the Woodman 10/2005





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