Brian Coleman Rakim Told Me Book

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This book is a massive project which breaks down some of the most classic hip hop albums of the 80s. What makes it different than the handful of other books doing the same thing is that the majority of text here comes straight from the artists' mouths. Coleman gives a little intro history for each album, but the focus here is on what the artists have to say, and he lets em rip. How it got made, who had the record that the sample came from, what shooting the video was like, who stole what, who farted in the corner of the studio, who really produced Paid In Full; all the shit you want to know. You get interviews with a big list of major players- De La Soul, Public Enemy, KRS, Ice-T, Schooly D, EPMD, Run-DMC, Slick Rick, Too $hort, Eric B & Rakim, The Jungle Brothers and more- all talking about their best LPs, song by song. And this isn't the usual bullshit interview stuff either, it feels like Coleman was really able to get them into the idea and people are spilling major beans on these pages. It's an amazing book, and a great contribution to the history of this music. 238 pages.