Sefour IP300 Isolation Mix Platform

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All DJs have experienced the frustration of needles skipping (CDs jumping) in the middle of a set. It not only sounds bad, but it makes you look bad as well (especially when recording a live set at a club). Enter the IP300 Isolation Mix Platform. Sefour's ingenious platform actually prevents bass resonance and vibrations from affecting your equipment making needle skips and cd jumps a thing of the past. The functional and stylish platform is constructed of thick steel with a gloss black finish, and features Sefour's signature Isofeet, which in combination with the sonic reduction steel platform, isolate all your equipment and greatly reduce the unwanted resonance and movement. Fits most turntable and mixer configurations in standard (not battle style) mode.


  • prevents needle skipping and CD jumping by isolating all equipment
  • thick steel construction
  • aluminum isofeet
  • gloss black finish