• Milty: Zerostat 3 Anti-Static Gun for Vinyl Cleaning

Zerostat 3 Anti-Static Gun for Vinyl Cleaning

↳ removes static charge from vinyl records

Anti-Static Device $79.95
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  • helps remove dust and particles from vinyl records
  • removes static charge from records by omitting positive and negative ions
  • also works on film, glass, lenses, CDs, DVDs


The Milty Zerostat Anti-Static gun solves the problem of those records that seem to be dust magnets. You know, the ones that attract all the fibers of the slipmat and the dust in your room; the ones that are immune to your dry record brush? Simply pull the trigger and the Milty Zerostat will remove the static charge from a record. If you're curious on the inner-workings, there's piezoelectric crystals that give off positive (pulling the trigger) and negative (releasing) ion streams involved. Each Zerostat will last for approximately 10,000 trigger pulls.

Instructions: point the Zerostat approximately 2-6 inches from your record, pull trigger, then slowly release the trigger. Repeat if necessary.


  • Milty Zerostat Gun
  • instructions + test procedure

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