Beastie Boys Get It Together 12"

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Way back when I was still in high school I remember highly anticipating the release of the Beastie Boys' Ill Communication. After pretty much wearing through the tapes for Paul's Boutique and Check Your Head, I was in desperate need of some more Beastie Boys material. The day it was released I think I cut out of school in the middle of the day and made my way towards Amoeba in Berkeley to get my fix. One of the stand out tracks was "Get It Together" with the Eugene McDaniels sample and Q-tip trading off verses, a classic piece of hip hop history. The Buckwild Remix brings some real D.I.T.C. magic to the affair. He might just be one of the most under rated producers of his era. Frequent Beasties collaborator Mario Caldato Jr. flips the Grand Funk Railroad "Nothing Is The Same" sample for the A.B.A. Remix. You also get album cut "Resolution Time" and the inescapable "Sabotage." Includes instrumentals for "Get It Together" and the remixes. Classic material.

  • Music Label: Capitol 1994
reviewed by The Voice 06/2011