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While Turntable Lab has expanded its original scope, TTL will always be a "DJ shop" at its core. DJs select songs from infinite choices, skillfully mix them together, and maintain a certain relation / obligation to their audience. No matter the product or category, TTL has maintained the DJ's approach, which we believe has helped us thrive for over 15 years.


TTL prides itself in extracting its catalog selections from diverse sources: ALL genres of music, design (we’re typography nerds), audiophile stereo, graf, skateboarding, biking, independent clothing brands, pop culture, and more. 


TTL’s list of past and present employees reads like an all-star DJ / producer list. Throw in all the musicians, labels, designers, and brands we’ve worked closely with over the years, and that is The Lab Family. TTL injects this wealth of communal knowledge and experience into forming our product catalog and direction.


Anyone can sell product online, but very few in our sphere can boast a physical retail component that is as successful as the site (some may say our NY storefront eclipses the site!). Much of our knowledge comes from the thousands of first-hand interactions with the customer.


The final filter brings the separate parts together into one focus. With over 15 years of retail experience, The MGMNT has always felt a sense of responsibility to our core customers (many have been with us since the start!). We've been through a lot of trends and experienced many movements. We feel a certain responsibility to help our customers navigate through rapidly changing micro-movements while recognizing what has brought us all to this point. We'll continue to do this all with a sense of integrity (and at times, just thoughtless playfulness).


TTL has always taken pride in our online effort. We put in the extra effort to properly categorize, sub-categorize, and review every item that we offer. We don't follow the conventional retail sales tactics that typical internet stores follow: pushing sales of inferior items (aka items that you really don't want), offering every brand and model (regardless of quality or functionality), or aggressive pitches by uninformed salesmen. We want you to have a calm, thoughtful process when purchasing your gear. We're always fairly priced and are willing to work with you: email or call us at 1-877-776-8207.

“Turntable Lab has been the most trusted retailer for an entire DJ scene that has literally changed the sound of current music. Their taste in selections has always been spot-on and thanks to that, they have played a role in shaping the recent DJ takeover."

DJ A-Trak / Fool's Gold Records

"Of all the shops in all the world that have signified the emergence of DJ and electronic music culture in the last two decades, online store @turntablelab (and it's @turntablelabnyc outpost) is the icon."

Ghostly International

"Turntable Lab has been a great supporter of burgeoning art, music, and street & youth culture for more than a decade now. Everything that is big in our community today, they were on years ago."

Scott Sasso / Founder 10 Deep

"Turntable Lab is not only an institution, it's become one of the main authorities on the DJ scene. Their impeccable taste and uncompromising choice of records and equipment has continued to set the standard for the better part of a decade."

Jacob Moesgaard / co-founder AIAIAI

"As they've expanded, TTL has garnered the reputation of being an all-around "tastemaker", with influence over musical, style, and design spheres of our global underground. In our age of countless hot-today-gone-tomorrow ventures, Turntable Lab deserves recognition as a truly one-of-a-kind business and a international movement with serious staying power."

Complex Magazine / Complex.com

a Better Music Store Experience since 1999.

Turntable Lab ("TTL" or "The Lab" as we're known to our customers) was established in 1999 by Anthony Cattarina, Jasper Goggins, and Peter Hahn in Peter's college apartment. The trio formed the idea for the Lab based on numerous negative experiences at stores that sold dj equipment: both big musical instrument chains and shady Canal Street stereo stores. Turned off by haggling, uninformed salesmen, and questionable product, Turntable Lab built its business on fair pricing, informed reviews, and a well researched selection of “Lab approved” items (aka The Formula). Most of the Lab's employees are working djs / producers / musicians, which helps to ensure this high standard.

The business model was an immediate success, establishing rapid growth and a dedicated customer base. Turntable Lab soon applied their business model to other areas including vinyl records, production equipment, audiophile gear, clothing, and books. Each expansion has been met with success, and today Turntable Lab is a recognized tastemaker in all those areas.

To bring the Turntable Lab experience directly to consumers, Turntable Lab opened its first retail location in 2001. Currently the Turntable Lab headquarters is located in Brooklyn, New York.

“Turntable Lab not only cradled the current electronic / dj revolution, it shaped the worldwide scene: from being a tastemaker to giving access to all aspiring artists internationally. I bought my first desktop work stations and sold my first creations from their online shop. The site has always been my TRUSTED GATEWAY to music, art, pop culture and snapback hats. I wouldn’t have my label if they didn’t give me a launching pad and influence for my art.”

Diplo / Mad Decent

“Design and music go hand in hand. From Peter Saville’s legendary work with Factory Records to Eric Haze’s logo designs for Public Enemy. Turntable Lab recognized this since its launch.”


"One of the few shops that have successfully managed to navigate the turbulent waters where hi-fi meets record shop."

World's Best Record Shops, Fact Magazine

“Proud to be an American.”

Peanut Butter Wolf / Stones Throw

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