2+2=5 Into The Future (Limited Edition) Vinyl LP

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30th anniversary edition of 2+2=5's Italian cold wave classic! Named in tribute to Orwellian dystopia, Nino La Loggia and Giacomo Spazio's musical project was started after the two met in 1981. They found they had the same passion for music, bands like Kraftwerk, Joy Division, DAF and the whole new scene of proto-electronic wave headed by Cabaret Voltaire. Shortly after the band's inception they were joined by keyboard player Cha Cha Hagiwara. Their debut album, Into The Future, was recorded in 1983 after the band had played gigs in northern Italy and Switzerland. The original pressing is extremely hard to find and is one of the crown jewels of the minimal synth scene. With their synthesizers and drum machines the trio is able to channel the dark and dystopic imagery that is inherent in the band's name. Synths drone on as Giacomo's lyrics paint a picture of the dehumanizing future that lies ahead. A must for any minimal synth fan.

  • limited to 400 copies
  • 160 gram pressing
  • music label: No-Name Music 1984 / Mannequin 2014
reviewed Il Voce 1/2015