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Dutch dubstep creator 2562 drops his third full length entitled Fever, (this time on his own When In Doubt label) and guess what... it's a disco album! Well, not really - you see it's conceptually a disco album, so all you dubstep and bass fiends need not worry, the dude hasn't gone full-on disco (yet). Apparently the album is based on one simple rule: every single sound, from the smallest background shiver to the most obese sub bass, originates from a disco record - no additional synthesizers, drum computers or other sample sources involved. Sounds crazy but he manages to pull it off as "a thorough reinterpretation of underground disco music from the mid seventies to the early eighties, with his own birth year 1979 as the gravitational point." This is genuinely fresh and retro-free music that respectfully flips its sources so hard even the biggest Paradise Garage jockers won't recognize what just hit them. 11 tracks total.

  • music label: When In Doubt: 2011
reviewed by Von Bee 06/2011