Adrian Younge Adrian Younge Presents The Delfonics Vinyl LP

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Super bad team up! Gifted producer-musician extraordinaire Adrian Younge connects with William Hart of The Delfonics for a soul album that seamlessly bridges the old and the new. Heads will recognize Younge as the mastermind behind the Black Dynamite soundtrack (as well as the more recent 12 Reasons To Die with Ghostface Killa) and here he puts his talents to work with Philly legend William Hart on vocal duties. The result sounds like a digger's dream come true. Younge provides raw yet tender soul instrumentals that sound like prime Madlib, RZA, or Dilla sample sources, while Hart does what he is known for - and that's laying down beautiful vocals that take the tracks to the next level. Check the opener "Stop And Look," "Lover's Melody" or the heavy "To Be Your One" for a taste. Powerful stuff, 13 tracks in all. Recommended.

  • music label: Wax Poetics 2013
reviewed by Von Bee 09/2014

Adrian Younge Presents the Delfonics "Stop and Look (And You Have Found Love)" from Wax Poetics on Vimeo.