Alice Coltrane Journey In Satchidananda (180g) Vinyl LP

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Cosmic jazz stunner. This is one of those upper-crust LPs that easily holds down a spot in any seasoned selector's late night top ten - it's simply that timeless. From the first swirls of the title track, this thing just carries you away - probably the closest legal thing to a big bong hit of Cali power skunk there is. Each tune is built on a different hypnotic string bass groove that bores into your mind. "Shiva-Loka," "Stopover Bombay," it's your pick. The tamboura (that's the metallic buzz that signals exotica in any B-movie) never lets up, and when Alice Coltrane flings some harp over it (or piano, in the case of "Something About John Coltrane"), you've got a powerful mystic brew indeed. This reissue of the 1972 LP is faithful to the extreme: original gatefold and liner notes intact, vinyl a good 60 grams heavier than the first pressing.

  • music label: Impulse! 1997
reviewed by monk 02/2007