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Maybe you're looking at the cover of Alternative Funk and wondering what the hell it is. Don't be ashamed, I did the same thing when it came in. Back in 1984 a label called Vox Man compiled these tracks and stamped that label on them. It's turned into a highly sought after document of what these days gets called minimal wave from around the world. There's a bunch of great material on here. From the stretched out funk of Randal Kennedy's "Smith's Room" to the mutant deconstructed Casio on "Control Panel" by Process Blue there are some truly inspired moments. One of the most crowd pleasing tracks on the comp is the "Genius Of Love" aping "Fitness School" from Tranquil Eyes. But the tracks are all over the place, giving you bits of punk-funk, new wave and experimental electro. Some of the most recognized groups on here are going to be Vox Populi! and Psyclones who both deliver on the synth funk promise even if it gets a little off kilter at times. This is clearly a must have for anyone who is bent on catching up with underground music from the past. Recommended.

  • music label: Vox Man Records
    reviewed by The Voice 10/2011