Audio Innovate Mini InnoFader PNP Replacement Fader

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  • custom high-end scratch fader
  • new compact size now compatible with most mixers and controllers
  • advanced non-contact capacitance technology for smooth, precise performance
  • precision 0.15 step cut-in adjustment on both sides
  • 3 curve options - soft, linear, sharp
  • output reverse
  • long life, ultra low maintenance
  • up to 8mm steel fader stem adjustment


The Mini Innofader PNP is a simplified, compact version of the popular Innofader PNP. With a smaller frame, the Mini Innofader PNP fits virtually any mixer and controller, providing a simple alternative to the Innobender. This "P" version is plug and play and works with any Innofader PNP compatible mixer, and Innobender compatible mixer/controller, in addition to the Pioneer DDJ-SX, Vestax VCI-400, and most Pioneer DJM mixers.

After studying the habits and requirements of today's DJs, Audio Innovate has developed a next generation cross fader that is designed to take fader standards to whole new level. The "Innofader" is by far the most advanced fader on the market today and will suit the ever growing needs of all levels of DJs and turntablists by offering unparalleled levels of quality and adjustability that you cannot find in other faders.

The Mini Innofader PNP is the most compact Innofader to date and still features a solid build and steel fader stem (to withstand the punishment of heavy handed scratchers). Even if you have an old budget mixer or newer controller, the Innofader is a very welcome upgrade. Recommended.

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  • advanced non-contact capacitance technology
  • long life, ultra low maintenance
  • 8mm steel fader stem
  • fits most mixers and controllers
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  • Mini Innofader PNP
  • DeOxit cleaner
  • various adaptor plates and cables
  • stickers and accessories