Audioengine D2 Premium 24 bit Wireless Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)

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  • stream wireless HD audio from your computer to any music system
  • high performance digital-to-analog converter
  • 24bit/96KHz sample rate
  • USB and optical inputs
  • can be used as a wireless USB-to-SPDIF converter or wireless optical PCM-to-stereo link
  • includes D2 converter and receiver


Audioengine D2 Premium 24-Bit Wireless DAC allows you to stream wireless HD audio from your computer to any music system, independent of your Wi-Fi network. D2 includes USB and optical inputs, a high-performance DAC, plus the isolation benefits of wireless. Setup is fast and simple, with no software to install and without the frustration of trying to connect to your network.

The D2 offers audio fidelity and features of DACs costing several times more, but with one very important feature - it's wireless! It is a simple to use yet powerful digital-to-analog converter with performance and features generally found in much more expensive DACs. The D2 processes digital audio at any bit depth up to 24 bits and sample rates to 192KHz, then sends your music over-the-air at 24/96. It accepts USB or PCM-stereo optical and will automatically configure to match either of these inputs.

Easy setup and simple operation by bypassing your computer's sound card or headphone jack and sending wireless HD audio to any music system. D2 transmits all music file formats from any computer media player and can simultaneously transmit HD audio to up to 3 wireless receivers (comes with one, more sold separately). The 100ft (30m) typical range, low latency, built-in DAC, and resistance to interference and dropouts makes D2 the best-sounding HD wireless system available.


  • DAC type: Dual Mode USB and Optical (SPDIF) wireless DAC
  • Inputs: USB/Optical (SPDIF)
  • Outputs: RCA Stereo/Optical (SPDIF)
  • Full-scale output: 2.0V RMS (RCA)
  • Output impedance: 100 ohms
  • Power source: Sender: USB 5V or included external supply
  • SNR: >115db
  • Frequency response: 10Hz - 30KHz +/- 0.5db
  • Input bit depth: up to 24 bit
  • Wireless range: >100ft
  • Wireless receivers supported: Up to 3 (24/96 to each receiver)


  • USB cable, 2ft
  • Power adapter with detachable AC cord
  • RCA cable, 6.5ft
  • Power adapter with detachable AC cord
  • Microfiber bag
  • Setup Guide