Beast Quality Record Stamp + Inkpad Set - Turntable

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You know the feeling when you've played a gig with some friends and everyone's white label records are all mixed up and there's no way of telling the record apart? Or that time when you've finally found your long lost copy of _________ in your homie's collection but he swears it's his copy? Beast Quality stamps has a simple low tech solution for your record ownership woes: A handmade rubber stamp with an archival black inkpad and enough ink to stamp a couple thousand record sleeves. Stamp your vinyl and there will be no question who's record it is! Comes in 3 flavors for the crate diggers, 45 Kings/Queens, & the 'tablists.

  • includes stamp, archival black ink pad, and random sticker
  • custom designed by Keat Teoh of Beast Quality
  • handmade in Brooklyn, USA!