No Longer Available Diary of An Afro Warrior 3LP

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Timely reissue of foundation dubstep. Benga has been a major player (along with his buddy Skream) in the dubstep scene since the genre was formed. For his massive debut full length (on none other than the much respected Tempa label), Benga has proved he not only has bass for days, but also a versatile, progressive style that pushes the dubstep sound forward. From the jazzy, smoked-out intro track "Zero M2," you can already tell Benga's got style that surpasses the usual brostep fodder. But just when you think it's gonna be a smooth ride, he hits you with the roughness! "Z" and "Tech Wobbler" (just a couple of the tracks unique to the vinyl version) deliver that insane, twisted bass that you crave... and there's a lot more where that came from. "E Trips," "The Cut," and "26 Basses" continue the merciless barrage of low end sounds to shatter a sound bwoy dead. For real, this kid is straight up nasty with it! Recommended listening for all the bass fiends out there. 10 Tracks total pressed loud and proper over three 12"s.

  • music label: Tempa 2008
reviewed by snackmaster 03/2008