Boonlorm String Figures (Pocketknife) EP / CD

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Over the years Pocketknife has been involved in a variety of very interesting projects - from the Flagrant Fowl mash-up EPs and Tambourine Dream, to more recently Canyon Dancing, and those Arthur Russell tributes. Now on String Figures, his debut release under the Boonlorm moniker, Pocketknife takes things to a whole new level of originality. The album brings together the worlds of Chicago house and Detroit Techno, with 20th century avante-garde and modern classical. An unlikely pairing to say the least, but somehow Boonlorm makes it work out surprisingly well, especially considering it is composed solely of prepared piano and raw drum programming! The label describes it best, "String Figures is ‰ÛÏscrew music‰۝ in the most literal sense with direct ties to the late composer John Cage who created the first prepared piano pieces by inserting objects into the strings of a grand piano. The sound that resonates is a rich combination of tonal, atonal and percussive timbres. String Figures buzzes, vibrates, and jacks all at once." 10 tracks on CD, 6 on the vinyl, both housed in hand screen printed covers with artwork by Joshua Gurrie. Limited pressing of 500 vinyl and 200 CDs. Recommended.

  • music label: Wilde Calm 2012
reviewed by TKB 07/2012