Camp Lo Luchini (aka This Is It) / Swing Vinyl 7"

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7" Vinyl $11.95
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Now on 45! This has been an unsung champion in my crate. Next time you're in a classic hip-hop set and are about to drop "Choice is Yours, Passin Me By," or "Scenario," try this instead. Both sides will do the trick. "Luchini" is Camp Lo's most recognizable track, one that breathes a 70's pimp mode through the speakers. "This is it.. what" is one of those easy choruses that people will be singing by the second verse, even if they're too young to remember it. The B-side is in a fierce battle with the A, equal odds on who prevails. "Swing" features Butterfly from Digable Planets in an excellent cleanup role. The beat thumps, and Ishmael drops a memorable, flashy, hard-lined verse. 

  • part of the Jukebox series of 45 Reissues
  • music label: Loud 1994 / Get On Down 2015
reviewed by the mgmnt 10/2015