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During the early-mid 70's, seminal Krautrock band CAN recorded four sessions for John Peel's radio show. The sessions were pretty much entirely improvised (as producer Holger Czukay would say "sponaneous compositions") and really captured their ability to freestyle an epic musical journey. This is actually one of the only releases of their improvisational music ever released (aside from some live bootlegs). Check out the wild opener "Up The Bakerloo Line With Anne," with Damo Suzuki on vocals and an intense blues-psych rollercoaster ride (I want what these guys were smokin'). Balancing it out is the instrumental piece "Return To BB City," that starts off with ambient atmospherics before introducing some light drums, and the mellow groove of "Tape Kebab" that reminds me of some of some of Neu!'s work. The second vinyl features another epic piece instrumental jam piece, "Tony Wanna Go," along with "Geheim" which was sounds like it was recorded around the time of Flowmotion with its otherworldy prog skank, and "Mighty Girl." An excellent addition to the collection for any krautrock fan. Nice vinyl pressing spread over 2LPs. 

  • music label: Strange Fruit / 1995
reviewed by snackmaster 11/2011