Casino vs Japan Go Hawaii 2LP

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Classic IDM / Dream Pop sophomore album gets proper 2 x LP reissue. Though not as much a household name as Boards Of Canada, Casino Versus Japan sat amongst his peers with an equal amount of talent and creativity to gain a cult following. Go Hawaii was originally released in 2000 at a time when electronic music was really carving a niche for itself in the listeners world with artists like Freescha, Aphex Twin, and Isan creating a new level of depth to the genre. Taking direct influence from BOC using washy, dreamlike synth melodies over crunchy Hip Hop beats the mood is set immediately from the first chord. If you own anything from Warp Records around this time period, then this is meant for you. The reissue comes in a vibrant gatefold with 2xLP. Recommended.

  • music label: Wobblyhead 2013
reviewed by boohoo banton 2/2013