No Longer Available Eyes (Bottin 2011 Edit) 12"

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Italo heat repressed! Clio is one of those funky italo joints that you never find digging in stateside crates, but thankfully Clone Classic Cuts has gone ahead and given it a timely repress. "Eyes(1)" was originally released back in 1984 on the tiny Airport label and fetches a decent price on the OG press. The Clone pressing gives you the original extended vocal mix in all its italo glory, the Paris mix(2) with a slightly different intro, and a retro-fitted Bottin edit(3) for those with more modern sensibilities. This is the kind of track thata might not hit you at first, bt will stick with you later in the night or upon more listens. You can even hear some similarities on the synth arrangement to Pineapples' classic "Come On Closer" which is always a good thing. Embrace the italo!

  • music label: Clone
reviewed by Snackmaster 01/2012