• Common: One Day It'll All Make Sense 2LP

One Day It'll All Make Sense 2LP


↳ introspective rap, 3rd full length from Common

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Resurrection was your anthem. It was political and spiritual, but Comm could still bust a verse about NBA Jams right in the middle of it. With much anticipation for his third effort, Common upped the ill spiritual and many folks couldn't hang. Heads hadn't heard an "Introspective" on a hip hop album before. From the moment I heard the "Invocation," I knew Common was on some shit: "Envisioning the hereafter, listening to Steve Wonder, on a quest for love like the Proceed drummer..." Take a listen, it's one of the strongest opening tracks there is. Just when you think he goes off quietly, he rips on the next track: "I be the big Illinois, here to build and destroy..." Then he flips the script on "Retrospective" talking about abortion and self-realization. Teams up with De La on "Gettin Down At The Amphitheater" for an old-school flavored roller skating jam. All this within the first 15 minutes of the album. This hecticness is where he lost some heads, but if you really give it a full listen, you'll see that it makes like the title. How many of you think perfect linear? I'm thinking about mad things at all times. The only time I'm thinking about one thing consistently is when I'm watching porno. "One Day" is like mind spray... life, parents, babies, race, and NBA Jams all fried into an egg roll from Bedford. If you ain't down for this type of review, here's your review: Yo son, this is that third Common piece it's kinda soft, but there are some ill jams on here with Canibus and De La, but I'm not feelin that poetry shit or that baby shit. Funk that son, I got mad seeds... whatever.

  • music label: Relativity 1997
reviewed by the mgmnt 03/2005




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