• Cymande: Cymande Vinyl LP

Cymande Vinyl LP


↳ classic funk fusion album repressed

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This is where fusion meets in the promised land. 9 artists from the West Indies form a band in London, 1971. They bring with them funk, reggae, jazz, and rock all crushed together into a sound that is some of the baddest music I know. Fusing diverse styles can often result in muddled results, but check how the styles come through on "Bra" (sampled by De La's "Change in Speak"). Or the epic instrumental track "Dove" which develops from sitting to jumping. "The Message" is the song that most resembles the typical 70s funk sound with it's bouncy organ; and consequently got them onto Soul Train. The overall sound on this record was absolute, with a balanced feeling through all the songs. Definitely their strongest work. Samples are everywhere, but this is down for way more than just beatspotting... good for at least a few cups of tea and a hookah in a Moroccan rug store.

  • music label: Janus 1972 / 2002
reviewed by the mgmnt 05/2009



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