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This DVD collects all of Daft Punk's music videos from the "Homework" album. You get all the classic vids like "Da Funk" directed by Spike Jonze, the unforgettable "Around The World" video directed by fellow frenchman Michel Gondry, "Burnin" by Seb Janiak, "Revolution 909" by Roman Coppola, and "Fresh," which was directed by Daft Punk themselves. Audio commentary is available for all the videos along with the "Making Of's" which feature big name remixes (Armand Van Helden, MAW, Ian Pooley, etc. ) of the various tracks. In addition, you also get to check out Daft Punk rock it in LA, doing a live version of "Rollin' & Scratchin'" from 9 different camera positions. Can't wait to see their upcoming Electroma movie.

reviewed by snackmaster 05/2007