De La Soul De La Soul Is Dead (180g) LP

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High quality reissue label, 4 Men With Beards, have started to tackle the vintage hip-hop genre with this 180g pressing of De La Soul's second album from 1991. Here's our original review circa early 2000 (originally hh-009!): When this came out everybody I know was feelin' exactly the same way as that guy in the comic book, like "What are they saying? What happened to Daisies? Garbage!" But I kinda liked it. And then I listened to it some more and I kinda liked it even more. Now it's my favorite De La LP by far. I even like the annoying as hell "Johnny's Dead." Prince Paul and De La really made this thing into a skit masterpiece with so many interludes, little themes, joke songs, and skits that it's hard to find the real songs. But they are some of the best De La shit ever. "Peas Porridge," "Saturdays," "Bitties in the BK Lounge," "Pass The Plugs," "Ring Ring Ring," "Keepin The Faith," etc etc. Combination of dope songs and bugged out fill-ins make this one of the most complete "concept" albums in hip hop. The summer this came out, I had a crush on this girl who was in college and we would sit on the porch drinking beers and smoking cigarettes and listen to this on repeat for hours and hours. Old girl bluez.

  • music label: 4 Men With Beards 2008
reviewed by the mgmnt 11/2008