De La Soul Deadstock Cassette Tape Pack (De La Soul Is Dead, Buhloone Mindstate)

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First of all, this is a CASSETTE bundle (DEADSTOCK French pressing!!!), and second of all, it features two CLASSIC De La Soul albums, De La Soul Is Dead and Buhloone Mind State. Wooow! After the huge success of 3 Feet High and Rising, the group continued to work with Prince Paul, and Dead, which dropped in 1991, showcases its attempt to stave off the "hippie" label while also distancing itself from mainstream hip-hop. Presenting a more mature sound, the album garnered The Source's coveted 5-mic rating, and De La went on to work on the third full-length (also with Prince Paul), which was released in 1993. Bulhoone presented an even more evolved sound and really carved out the trio's place in the center of the alternative hip-hop sphere. Granted you still own a cassette player, there's really not a track to skip on Dead and Buhloone - "Saturdays," "Peas Porridge," "Ring Ring Ring," "Keepin' The Faith," "Long Island Wildin'" (with the famous verse from that Japanese group), "I Be Blowin" (instrumental with featuring Maceo Parker), "Ego Trippin," and much more... Even if you don't own a cassette player, it's hard to deny the sentimental values these tapes hold - a must for true heads!

  • music label: Tommy Boy 1991 / 1993
reviewed by Nakin Boots 12/2011