Descendents Everything Sucks (Purple Vinyl) Vinyl LP

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Fifth studio album from the Descendents after nearly a decade apart. The band released their fourth album, All, in 1987 after which singer Milo Aukerman left the band to pursue a career in biochemistry. Aukerman stayed connected to the remaining members of the band who went on to form All in his absence. In the intervening decade All would release 8 albums with singers Dave Smalley, Scott Reynolds, and Chad Price. Aukerman would occasionally collaborate with All, writing songs, singing backing vocals and filling in at performances when Price would lose his voice. In 1995 Aukerman decided that he wanted to return to recording and performing, and the band members decided to reform the Descendents while keeping All going at the same time. Both bands signed to Epitaph and the Descendents recorded Everything Sucks. Limited edition purple vinyl pressing.

  • purple vinyl pressing
  • music label: Epitaph 1996 / 2015
reviewed by Le Haim 06/2014