Diamond D Stunts, Blunts, & Hip Hop 2LP

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Vinyl 2LP $16.00
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Supposedly this album was originally pressed in a batch of 500 for promo release. I went to A-1 to buy the repress and Roman put the original under my nose. I asked how much and he hit me in the gut... $150. Now that's that shit. Never mind that collector biz though. It's one of those records whose weight and respect has only grown in the years after it's release. Production credits all go to Diamond as his beats are early nineties at its finest, on the uptown upbeat shit. This LP single-handedly put D on many heads' top 5 producers lists. Hornet style on the classic Benson looped "Yo That's That Shit." Or how bout the Flaming Ember loop on "I'm Outta Here?" The singles"Best Kept Secret" and "Sally Got A One Track Mind?" What about the lesser known "Fuck What you Heard, or Check On Two?" It's much too much. Almost exact double LP reissue with labels. The original has a sticker. He took a blues break and he broke it.

  • music label: Mercury 1992
reviewed by the mgmnt