Dinosaur Jr. Where You Been (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl LP

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I ain't telling you a secret, I ain't telling you goodbyeeeeeee! Dinosaur Jr.'s second outing on a major sans Lou Barlow would prove to be their greatest commercial effort. With the grunge world in Seattle in full swing, there was much hype over the band being the next Nirvana. As ridiculous as it might sound now this was what was going down in the early 90s. Despite the chips being stacked against him, Mascis more than delivers on the insurmountable task. Where You Been is one of the best albums in Dinosaur Jr.'s catalog. From the memorable lead off single, "Start Choppin," to the Neil Young channeling "Not The Same," you know you're in for a fantastic ride. Mascis' guitar theatrics are on full display, as is his penchant for great songwriting. There are tough and thoughtful moments that are tempered by Mascis' ear bleeding solos and the sense you get that there was a lot of fun to be had while the album was being recorded. The closing track probably sums it all up the best. "Goin Home" captures the feeling that while Where You Been is an epic effort, Dinosaur Jr. will eventually be returning to the indie world that is the band's true home.

  • music label: Sire 1993 / Blanco Y Negro 2015
reviewed by Hank Ohs 04/2015