DJ Ayres Return of the Mash CD

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The Rub member, T&A label boss, and longtime Lab homie DJ Ayres is back with more mash fo' dat azz! The aptly titled Return Of the Mash CD comes following the successful "It's The MF Remix" mix series and brings a fresh selection of pop friendly dance remixes and mashups, mixed to perfection (as you know he would). Ayres sez, "This is a CD I did last fall exclusively for Urban Outfitters UK. Pretty much the whole set comes from my “dance pop” crate, with a few twists and turns. The artwork is by Mike Davis (Burlesque Designs)." Features tracks and remixes from Mark Ronson, Kid Cudi, the Dream, U-Tern, Steve Aoki, Amand Van Helden, La Roux, Pharrell, Crookers, Metallica, Andre 3000 vs. Roni Size, Luniz, Vybz Kartel, Apt One, and many more. Pop it in and turn it out!

reviewed by Von Bee 06/2012