No Longer Available Lucky Girl (Thomas Bangalter & Surkin) EP

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The cover says Lucky Girl EP, but it should really be a single showcasing Thomas Bangalter's new edit of DJ Mehdi's "Signatune," a seriously hot track from the Lucky Boy LP with a tragic running time of just one minute. The co-founder of Daft Punk (and godfather of this whole new Parisian sound) works this thing out to playable length (at least 6 minutes) and adds huge drums... in effect turning it into a Daft Punk track. And who could complain about that? This shit is awesome. Wifey Fafi sings the synth-driven, off-kilter "Lucky Girl," and it's awfully cute, exactly like an audio version of one of her drawings. Outlines turn in a jazzy piano remix and Institubes' Surkin freaks it into a suitably squiggly French house jam. Recommended.

  • music label: Ed Banger / 2007
reviewed by Chris Lemon-Red 03/2007