DJ Tech TRX Thud Rumble Mixer w/ Innofader - White

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  • 2-channel performance scratch mixer developed in cooperation with DJ Qbert
  • integrated Mini Innofaders for crossfader and channel faders
  • professional stereo XLR balanced output
  • dedicated post-fader Direct Output per channel, excellent for recording tracks separately in your DAW
  • DVS send/return allows easy switching between vinyl/CD DJing and DVS modes without reconnecting the cables
  • reverse switches for all faders
  • switchable phono/line channels
  • RCA AUX input for additional sources like an iPod
  • Thud Rumble edition w/ ISP Beedle logo


DJ Tech has teamed up with legendary skratch pioneer DJ Qbert for a high performance mixer designed with scratch DJ's in mind. the TRX Thud Rumble Mixer features 2 phono/line switchable channels and is equipped with three premium Mini Innofaders for the crossfader and channel faders. Innofaders have become the fader of choice for scratch DJs worldwide with full adjustable curve and smooth, buttery feel. All faders feature reverse switches to accomodate style preferences.

In addition, the TRX offers convenient Post-Fader Direct Outputs on each channel making recording mixes and routines to individual tracks incredibly painless, plus DVS send/return for easy switching between vinyl/CD DJing and DVS modes without reconnecting the cables. Additional features include Pro XLR outs, AUX input, XLR/Neutrik combo mic in, 1/4" or 1/8" headphone inputs, and ISP Beedle logo so you know it's legit. All these features for less than $400 is an exceptional bargain. Recommended for scratch DJs and tablists on a budget.


  • dedicated Left / Right Pan faders
  • 1/4" and 1/8" headphone outputs (with Master Cue monitoring option and Channel Cue Fader)
  • stereo 1/4" Booth Output
  • stereo RCA Aux Input / Output
  • Neutrik XLR/TRS Combo Microphone Input
  • High-pass / Low-pass filter effects faders with reverse function
  • Universal Power Supply: AC 100~240V, <= 8W