No Longer Available Devil's Eyes Remixes (Diplo, Tomb Crew, Kanji Kinetic, Rossi B & Luca) 12"

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Four of the biggest remixes from Drop The Lime's "Devil's Eyes" digital single get pressed up on wax for all the collectors and Serato hold-outs out there.. The original version of this track was released by Bacardi (yeah, the rum people), and over the course of a year these remixes slowly started trickling out of the internet. Diplo's remix gets top billing here, and it's more of the wild, global sounds that we've come to expect from him. Huge drums on that one. Tomb Crew and Kanji Kinetic both contribute some heavy, bull-in-a-chinashop dubstep remixes, and then Rossi B & Luca (a different Luca, not DTL using his government name) bat cleanup with a rambunctious electro house version. Four tracks in all, comes packaged in a nice pic sleeve that kind of looks the poster for a campy horror flick.

  • music label: Trouble & Bass 2010
reviewed by: Hires 06/2010