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Explosions In The Sky Take Care, Take Care, Take Care Deluxe Edition Vinyl 2LP

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Vinyl 2LP $29.95
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Just let the tone take you. Explosions In The Sky’s sixth studio album is business as usual for this cinematic minded, guitar-driven band from the heart of Texas. While all the elements of atmospheric guitar haze that made this group well known are present, this album seems to be more methodical in its approach to the ambitious build-ups of overdriven and reverbed tones. We do get treated to a bit of an outlier track with “Trembling Hands” showcasing some amazing drum work over anything else. “Postcard From 1952” and “Let Me Back In” lean more to the classic EITS sound that they’re known for. Whether you’re feeling victoriously triumphant, on a long and rainy road trip or just broke up with your lover, there’s plenty emotion in here for all of us.

  • one side etched to resemble floorboards
  • comes with free MP3 download
  • quadruple gatefold sleeve that can be built into a house
  • includes large poster
  • music label: Temporary Residence Limited 2011
reviewed by boumtje-boumtje 101414