Felt Tribute To Lisa Bonet (Slug + Murs) 2LP

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Vinyl 2LP $14.00
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This is what happens when rappers discuss girls they wanna get with. Tribute To Lisa Bonet came about from a tour bus argument between Slug and Murs over who they thought the Cosby Show/Different World hottie would rather get with. It is actually the second album to come about this way (see the duo's first full length collab Tribute To Christina Ricci) and given this premise, you can expect plenty of smooth flows about mackin' the ladies. Production wise, the album stays tight and funky with a variety of chunky beats to keep your head noddin'. If you missed it back when it was originally released back in 2005, get with this official Rhyme Sayers double LP repress while it lasts. 15 tracks in all.

  • music label: Rhyme Sayers 2005
reviewed by Von Bee 08/2012