Fishbone Truth And Soul (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl LP (Record Store Day)

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Deluxe reissue of Fishbone's sophomore album for Black Friday Record Store Day! Truth and Soul found the Los Angeles based band making their way through a myriad of styles. Throughout the record they touch on punk, ska, reggae, soul, funk, and blues. The fun kicks off with a cover of Curtis Mayfield's "Freddie's Dead." They carry on the funk of the original but add their own hard rock flourishes. Fishbone were adding more and more hard rock to their stew to largely satisfactory results. Their song writing improved tremendously over previous efforts and became much more focused. Songs like "Deep Inside," "One Day," "Subliminal Fascism," "Slow Bus Movin'," and "Ghetto Soundwave" tackle racism, both past and present. Despite the journey around different genres Truth and Soul is one of Fishbone's most consistent albums.

  • RSD exclusive release
  • first time vinyl reissue since 1988
  • 2900 cherry red, 100 random green pressings
  • music label: Columbia 1988 / Asbestos Records 2014
reviewed by Hank Ohs 12/2014