Gil Scott-Heron Winter In America (180g) LP

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This album is about living. Gil Scott's true masterpiece of soul, poetry and politics. It goes way beyond just some hip rare record. It's timeless' meant to be taken in. I've bought 4 copies over the years giving them to close friends hoping that they would find something in it. Although the entire album carries weight, side 2 is the one that really breaks the bridge. It starts with Gil Scott's biggest hit, the paradoxical dance hit about the fall of a man to alcoholism, "The Bottle." The combination of "Song for Bobby Smith" and "Your Daddy Loves You" is sweet soul defined. Take a break from your ninja turtle shell to get down to this. "H20 Gate Blues" brings dynamicism to the side as a spark-lighting, spoken word piece. Less serious than "Revolution Will Not be Televise" but more subtly effective. Hyper than teen spirit. "Peace Go With You, Brother" brings us back down to the ground with the weight of Gil-Scott's voice serving like a warning. Discover the a-side for yourself. Starts off with the full version of the song that closes the album, "Peace Go With You, Brother." The original Strata East copies are drying up, so this quality reissue comes just at the right time. Gatefold identical to original, now on heavyweight 180g vinyl.

  • music label: Strata East 1973
reviewed by the mgmnt 10/2005