Goat Run to Your Mama Remixes Vol. 1 (Record Store Day, Colored Vinyl) 12"

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Limited edition blue vinyl pressing for Record Store Day 2013! Goat's World Music was one of 2012's standout records with its unique combination of disparate sounds and influences. The drum heavy "Run To Your Mama" gets the remix treatment on this first of two installments. The sound here is dub heavy, none of the typical "dance" remix business. Spacey effects, dubbed out vocals and plenty of reverb. The various mixes bring out different elements of the track, showing you that there is more than one side to Goat.

  • Exclusive remixes of Goat's "Run to Your Mama"
  • Limited edition blue vinyl
  • 2000 copies only
  • music label: Rocket Recordings 2013
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 05/2013