No Longer Available Romance Coma 7"

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What happens when you sit down with a pile of synthesizers and drum machines and no real plan of attack? The mysterious duo of Goitia Deitz tackles this question with aplomb. They create some of the most compelling kosmiche inflected instrumental music to be released in a long time. Drawing on influences as disparate as Terry Riley and Suicide they take the building blocks they've been collecting over the years and turn them into some chimerical sounds. Channeling the spirit of krautrock bands like CAN and Neu!, "Coma" unfolds at a blistering pace. After adding layers of pulsating synths to the mix, the track builds until it cauterizes under its own weight. "Romance" begins on a much more idealistic note. Miniscule droplets of sound, buried in delay, are followed by the rest of the elements piece by piece. It might be easy to make comparisons to genres like chill wave, but this is absolutely original music. Not the recycled Italo that makes up so much of that school. It's no wonder that UK's DiscError decided to re-launch their label with Goitia Deitz. Limited press, housed in all black dust sleeve with awesome cover art. Recommended.

  • music label: DiscError Recordings
reviewed by The Voice 10/2011