No Longer Available Muzzle 2x10"

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New transmissions from the lo-fi psych prophet known as Gonjasufi. MU.ZZ.LE is his sophomore effort on Warp and continues the bugged-out sonic journey Gonjasufi embarked upon on A Sufi And A Killer - but this time the trip is Sufi's own (no Gaslamp Killer this time around). Despite not-having GLK on beats, the album still holds its own and is a testament to Gonja's dedication to his craft. Raw, dirty drums, dusty psych loops, gritty folk melodies and lots of fuzz abound, with Gonjasufi leading each track in the most distorted and hypnotizing of ways. Wrap your head around "Nikels And Dimes(1)," Blaksuit(2)," "White Picket Fence(3)," "Rubberband(4)," and "Venom(5)." 10 tracks total take you on a journey to the farthest corners of your mind. Recommended.

  • music label: Warp Records
reviewed by The Kosmische Beard 01/2012