• GrooveWasher: Record Cleaning System

Record Cleaning System

↳ highly effective wet vinyl cleaner, wood handle + replaceable cleaning pads

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  • safely and effectively removes dust, dirt, and fingerprints from your vinyl 
  • cleaning will improve the sound of your vinyl
  • wet clean system includes brush handle, cleaning pad, label mask and G2 cleaning fluid
  • G2 fluid improves upon the classic D series cleaners of the 70's and is non-reactive to vinyl w/ anti-static action on contact
  • hand crafted, solid American Walnut brush handle with velcro design allowing cleaning pads to be replaced when needed
  • velcro cleaning pad is constructed of split microfiber and other absorbent fabrics
  • label mask prevents wetting the record label when spraying G2 fluid
  • two ounce bottle of G2 fluid can clean both sides of over 50 records
  • made in the USA!
  • Display Block version also available


  • Groovewasher's G2 fluid is comprised of state of the art surfactants/wetting agents and designed for maximum cleaning effectiveness of delicate vinyl surfaces, leaving minimal residue w/ no layering or clogging in the microgroove. Discwasher's D4 fluid is mostly comprised of isopropyl alcohol which can extract plasticizers in PVC vinyl, making it brittle and can cause excess wear on the groove from the stylus.
  • Groovewasher's cleaning pad is microfiber with microscopically small split ends that reach down to the bottom of the grooves and is highly absorbant, Discwasher's is similar to corduroy and is less effective. It also attaches via velcro to the handle making it easily replaceable.
  • quality of materials used in the Groovewasher is noticeably higher, especially in the handcrafted handle and pad
  • Groovewasher comes with a label mask to protect your labels, Discwasher doesn't.
  • Groovewasher is made in the USA, Discwasher is made in China.
  • Groovewasher is more expensive (but of higher quality, more effective), Discwasher is cheaper (less effective).
  • Aesthetically, the Groovewasher just looks much better than the Discwasher.


  • (1) 2oz. bottle of G2 cleaning fluid
  • (1) 4oz. refill bottle of G2 cleaning fluid 
  • (1) solid milled American Walnut handle
  • (1) all purpose cleaning pad
  • label protector mask

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