No Longer Available Classique #2 / Roar 12"

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Listen to those warm drum kicks, minimal synths, lusty ghost vocals, and perfect snares... I'm in jacking heaven right now! But wait, the label says DFA. WTF? Where's the dirt? I dunno, and frankly, I don't give a rat's ass. This is minimal jack house perfection. It reminds me of the deepness of an early Kevin Saunderson mixed with the sexiness of Murk, and in short... it's fucking awesome. We just played "Classique #2" on the speakers here and it got automatic props from the Snackmaster and Minimal Man - the groove is that infectious. Not only is the low end hot, but check the catchy synth hook and vocals. Woo! "Roar" on the flip is another heater in the same vein. Honestly, I don't know which side I like better. Just make sure the people you play this for know how to party, and for goodness' sake, make sure it's dark! Have you ever heard deep jacking grooves in a well lit place? It just doesn't work.

  • music label: DFA / 2007
reviewed by Cmish 09/2007